Happiness in Business Venn Diagram

This Venn Diagram for happiness in business – a 3 section interlocking set of circles with the quest for HOORAY at the center.

The 3 circle descriptions

  • What we do well
  • What we want to do
  • What we can be paid to do

happiness in business

The quest for happiness lets us build better businesses, be more effective and provide more value.



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  2. Happy Business Diagram Outlining The Steps To Creating Work Happiness – this is good advice, but too esoteric to be used in real situations.

  3. I felt this is of value for my business, and so I’ve put a link on my website to show how our users can benefit from mind mapping their business.

  4. I desire to say your blog makes us happy and we have made great use of this venn diagram.

  5. Maybe you could make changes to the subject Happy Business Diagram Outlining The Steps To Creating Work Happiness to better clarify your content.

  6. Hi thanks for this very good post about being happy in business. It makes me think about my business mindset.

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