How To Reverse ATT Wireless International Roaming Charges

Santorini Greece I have more love for ATT Wireless. After returning from my honeymoon in the Aegean Sea and Santorini I had wireless data usage charges from my iPhone of nearly $200. This is after I purchased an international data plan that was supposed to protect me from high charges.

The ATT international data plan cost $24.99 for 20 MB and $59.99/month for 50 MB data transfer. These plans are pro rated, so if you cancel after only using part of the plan they refund the balance. Without the plan data is $19 per Megabyte.

I purchased the 20 Meg plan and found huge data roaming charges in some areas, as well as a charge for each call my phone received while in those countries. I haver answered the phone calls but ATT billed $1.29 for 1 minute usage for each call!

I called ATT customer service, and patiently explained my frustration and they waived all the extra charges! I spent more time on hold than talking with the kind customer service rep. Yay ATT, I’m feeling really good about switching from Verizon Wireless.

Other people have had similar problems with international data roaming, and ATT seems to have given them full credits.


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  1. The ATT roaming fees are really annoying. I had a new iphone and didn’t know that it used to check automatically emails when roaming. Luckily the international ATT service provider had a 60 bucks limit on the data fees when roaming. Else it would have made the headlines of newspapers.

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