Matt Cutts Explains Why Google Helps Webmasters with Search Engine Optimization

matt cutts card The public ambassador to Google, Mr. Matt Cutts explains why they provide information and help to SEO’s.

Matt is a master public speaker and is extremely sincere in his explanation. I have met him and he is a very personable and friendly guy in real life, and listening to him speak you can feel his passion for his work and devotion to Google.

Google could not ask for a better spokesperson, it is rare to have someone with high technical ability and good public skills.

Listen to how Matt explains how Google thinks long term and wants users to have the best experience possible by finding answers to their questions quickly. He publicly supports search engine optimization when it helps searchers find quality information quickly.

Matt gives a good example of how Google wants to work with SEO’s and how they do not use intrusive ads or unrelated popups on their site.

Do you think Google is sincere in their attempt to work with search engine optimization consultants? Image from


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  1. Since checking with Mr Cutts for some time for just a proper read in this SEO niche to see why my site can’t rank in Google.

  2. Is it OK if I try to contact Matt Cutts directly, my site is having ranking problems. I’m trying to view my website on my new iPhone but it doesn’t display properly in google, do you have any suggestions?

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