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Try out Miva pay per click advertising and get $25 in free clicks. provides valuable traffic for some products and is definitely worth trying out for your website. is the #4 PPC player behind Adsense, Adcenter, Ask and YSM. Miva delivers about 1/10 the traffic that Google Adsense provides, but it is about 1/10 the cost.

For example, the keyword “mortgage broker” is around $60 per click on Adsense and around $3 on Miva.

New advertisers signing up to MIVA today get $25 in free advertising, which is a good deal. My experience is that websites selling products will have higher conversion rates than sites selling services.

Miva has gone through a raft of name changes and product switches and was originally called Miva was originally an e-commerce shopping cart solution which is now on a new domain Miva is definitely pushing its Pay-Per-Click Ads over the shopping cart solution as a way to increase their recurring revenue.

Another new offering my Miva is Miva MC with is their acronym for Monetization Center. Think of Miva MC as a clone of Google Adsense. Miva MC lets you the publisher place inline pay per click ads in your content and get paid per click.

Miva MC offers 3 types of contextual advertising (just like Adsense): Content ads, Inline ads (similar to Kontera) and search ads.

I have not yet tried Miva MC but look forward to reviewing this contextual ad service in the future. MIVA, if you’re reading this please send me a free coupon to try your contextual ad product and I will signup and do a writeup.


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