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I saw a great post about a fantastic business man and salesman at MindValley Labs. MindValley live blogged a speech given by mr “I Like You” Joe Girard.

Joe Girard turned selling cars into a business love affair with his customers, and he must have made a great living selling 6 cars a day, over 600% higher than the average auto salesman. I say salesman because I have never personally seen a woman car saleswoman. I will update this post when I see a female sell me vehicle.

Excerpts from the post about Mr. Girard’s speech:

Joe Girard did not get into selling right away. Whenever someone came into Joe’s office he would hand people an “I like you pin.” “Even if you don’t buy, I like you… but I know you will buy.”

Life is a game and you gotta know what you are playing. Whatever you do and whatever you are selling you are not selling. You must never stop learning more about this game… of what makes people tick, what makes people buy, what makes people do what they do.

Constantly strive to improve yourself… “I am never satisfied.” If you are satisfied… then you are dead.

I watch both the smart people and the dumb people so that I can see what makes people good and what makes people bad.

“Every morning that I get up, I say that somebody is going to pay for getting me out of bed. I love to sleep.”

“The night before tomorrow I plan my day. You must have a plan to make sure they pay.”

“Whatever it is that you are selling… I will proof to you that you are not really selling those things.”

Joe… “what’s your secret?” “If there is one word I detest is the word secret. There is no secret. If there was a secret nobody would be sharing it with you. There are no secrets.”

“I have tried all the shortcuts to make the fast dollar but I could never do it.”

First you must find the job you love. Joe says “I never worked a day in my life, I played!”

Never leave because the grass is greener on the other side. You stay and grow like a tree and the bigger the tree gets, the more money you are going to make. A lot of times I wanted to quit because of a problem. But you want to know something… a problem is like a gift from God… it is your opportunity to grow stronger.

Always hang around people that can help you, successful people, people that know about the power of positive thinking. I never want to talk to somebody unless they have something good to say.

“I like to look at people’s lips. I learn more from people’s lips than from any other part of their body.”

People ask Joe… how can you keep up and sell so many cars per month?

He started hiring people to assist him. He ran his office like a doctors office. He created a well tuned system… that would keep him free so that he could do what he could do best.

How did you service so many? He made a deal with a nice Italian restaurant and treated all of the people in the service department. The mechanics loved him and took good care of Joe’s customers. He told his customers that if they every had any problem with their car that he would take care of them right away! Within 15-20 minutes they could walk into Joe’s office and have 3 mechanics look at their car.

Read more about this inspiring salesman.


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  1. Hi there,

    I am glad to hear that you enjoyed the story. It was great to experience Joe in person. He is a true inspiration… there is not many people that have a huge burning desire to accomplish something… Joe sure had it and still has it today.

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