Online Marketing Meetup In Orange County With 4 SEO Rockstars

techbiz connection Last night I was fortunate to attend the Stars of Search Optimization from TechBiz Connection in Irvine.

This is a networking event for Southern California tech companies and internet entrepreneurs and is attended by a well heeled but approachable group of industry stalwarts.

I have seen many of these speakers at past SES and Pubcon events but it is always good to hear their ideas and opinions on SEO and search engine success.

Topics covered in this interactive site review session:

  • How and Why your site is positioned where it is.
  • What you can do to improve your content.
  • How to evaluate your links and build the most relevant “link juice”.
  • Avoiding canonical issues with multiple page versions
  • Beating duplicate content
  • Why to avoid keyword stuffing and overusing keyphrases
  • Title tags are not a wishlist – do not create a 20 word comma separated title
  • How to avoid the penalties of “spamming”.
  • What You can Learn from your competitors.

These individuals were lively, entertaining and had great comments on the half dozen reviewed websites. They pulled no punches and gave straightforward practical advice while explaining the basics of search engine optimization to the group.

The 4 Presenters:

Joe Morin – “I got Rand Fishkin Married”

Greg Boser – “I hate local search” & “I have a google spam tool named after me for catching redirects”

Kevin M. Ryan – “I love advertising with mayhem, fire, and destruction (when appropriate”

Michael Bonfils – “Loves to work with big corporate accounts such as Gap, which Greg Boser also hates.”

A list of the reviewed websites, lets see how long it will take them to implement the advice from this meeting. The regular cost for a private SEO consultation is valued at around $600.

These sites were given a free SEO review

TechBiz Connection is a great technology event in Southern California and has a coupon code for an event discount. Use this free promotion code during registration.


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  2. Awesome input about SEO from the Tech biz connection. I’m happy this was articulated earlier to such a great length, as I enjoyed the 4 panelists.

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