Your Press Release: Making a Longtime Marketing Tool Boost Your SEO

Not Your Parents’ Press Release: Making a Longtime Marketing Tool Modern Boosts SEO

Many dismiss press releases as something ‘old school’ that doesn’t fit in today’s web-based world, but it is to their detriment: they are missing out on what is in actuality a very useful marketing tool that can help educate, promote, and enhance SEO and improved website rankings.

Sure, press releases date back to the days before personal computers or things like facsimiles were even invented, and people had to type them up and mail them out. But imagine, if you will, if the people creating press releases in those days of old had been able to type up an unlimited number of those press releases, and then been able to send unlimited copies to an equally unlimited number of people – not just journalists, but also customers, potential customers, vendors, industry analysts, related organizations, etc. – anywhere in the world. We automate this and have coupons for PRweb distribution service.

Imagine that they could also include photos, images and sound with their typed-up press releases.

Then imagine that even after some time has gone by, additional people who became interested in their particular area could receive that same press release. Then imagine that all these people could find out even more than what is in each press release, they could explore the depths of the organization and then contact them and follow future news from them in a variety of different ways.

Up until now, you are probably thinking that it is worth giving this ancient marketing tool another look. But here is perhaps the best reason to syndicate your news: permanent backlinks from authoritative websites.

We talk about the importance of links for search engine ranking everyday, and using a press release service such as PRweb will instantly place your content and embedded links on high traffic, high quality, authoritative news websites and instantly improve your link profile. This will give you a boost in Google and all other search engines.

Now you’re starting to get the picture of today’s electronic press releases and their value. Press releases today are more effective and relevant than ever, and to ignore them is to miss out on one of the few marketing tools that are both low-cost yet extremely high-impact at the same time.

So if you haven’t taken advantage of the power of press releases lately, it’s time to revisit the PR of today. Before you get started, do some research to ensure you develop and distribute a successful press release.

Then let today’s modern PR opportunities boost your backlink profile, awareness, and SEO!


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  1. Well I have to admit that I did it too! In the beginning I think it’s very easy to write a lot and submit garbage to and I do admit the selfishness of trying to spam the news outlets. I was not thinking of our users and how to build links ethically.

  2. I have been told by a good internet Blogger friend that PR is still a very good way to get people interested in your blogs, So i will be giving prweb a go very soon. I may just start seeding company press releases locally, then see what happens.

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