Sample Guest Blogging Request For A List Bloggers

guest blogging We don’t have a paid post program on this blog, but it is safe to assume that most bloggers have been paid for writing about other companies, this is how online journalism allows small bloggers to be successful.

Below is an email sent by a large advertising agency to an A list blogger or social media influencer asking them to participate in a guest posting program:

We’re looking for a bloggers interested in participating in a paid post program. Our client is an outstanding online shopping and auction brand that is extremely well liked by the blogging community and by consumers. (If you are interested, we will send you full information on the brand and the program before we get started). We’re looking for bloggers who cover the areas of: Fashion, Home and Garden, and Culture.

Note: this program includes a paid post and also the below components – please indicate which of the components you will participate in:

Creation of one blog post, which will be posted on your blog and labeled as ‘advertising’ or ‘sponsored content’ per ftc regulations that will feature products around the client’s editorial calendar. Post will be subject to client approval.

In addition the following social media components are also required

  • One to three comments on articles on the client site
  • Establishment of one link on Blogger’s site to XXX site.
  • Tweet a link to an article on the client site
  • One to three to Facebook posts linking to articles on the client site.
  • One to three to Facebook likes of articles on the client site.
  • Becoming a Twitter follower.
  • Becoming a Facebook fan.
  • Subscribing to the client newsletter.

If you’re interested, please reply with this information

  • Blog url
  • Blog content summary
  • Blog traffic
  • Technorati Authority
  • Blog screenshot
  • Twitter handle
  • # of followers on Twitter
  • Do you have a Facebook profile for your blog, or do you use your personal profile?
  • # of friends or fans on Facebook

This is great work if you can get it, and very few bloggers charge for exposure. Striking deals with large publishers like can be a huge boon to your online presence.

They are hungry for fresh content and will give you the benefit of accessing their millions of users, which would cost thousands of dollars if you tried to reach them through display advertising.


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  2. This is a great guide! I’ll definitely be coming back to it in the future. I haven’t done any guest posting but hope to at some point. I’m curious as to what your opinion is on when someone should start trying to guest post.

  3. For doing Guest Posts on any blog, you have 100% unique content which has never be published to any blog. Because content is king and can only be placed in one online location. So we have to write an accurate and interesting articles for that blog.

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  5. I cling on to listening to the guest blog reports as a last vestige of link building. Could you tell me please, where could i find some good places to find guest blogs?

  6. I as well as my friends were viewing a large number of blogs searching for good guest post positions but had a difficult time using the available search tools.

  7. I believe you’ve obtained something good here. But you should add a pair of links to back up what you’re saying and list all sources that accept guest bloggers.

  8. Thanks for the guest post recommendations shared on your blog. Something else I would like to express is that content syndication is a fabulous SEO strategy.

  9. Thanks for your tips on finding guest posting opportunity prefer this to article marketing.

  10. Guest posting is for losers, just man up and write your own blogs for your own readers. They will thank you for it.

    1. @bloggerboy if you provide real value to the comments we will have no problem accepting you. We only approve comments that help our community and contain useful, non promotional information.

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    I am very concerned in doing paid guest posts and getting new users to post content.

  14. I do blog quite frequently and this guest post idea motivates me a lot – I think I could make a ton of money giving bloggers content.

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      Do you have good  more sites, please send me a price with example of blog post

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  15. I have been blogging for around a year now, and this guest post offer sounds tempting, but I don’t think that it will be easy to qualify for this program. Look at the requirements…

  16. To create a successful guest post you need to write a better article than 99% of the other bloggers. If you break into the Technorati 100 as a guest blogger, you are set!

  17. I hope someone will offer me this on my blog. I am very interested in doing paid guest posts. I am sure that there are also people like me who wanted to participate in offer like this. $500 is a big thing for our site 😀

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