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search engine strategies I have ben to SES San Jose 3 times and had a great experience each time. The conferences had a lot of good information about search engine optimization and the networking with other SEO’s was priceless.

Search Engine Strategies Discount Code: SESF15

The training resources were a great experience, however the SES conference series has been declining for about a year and it is uncertain if they will rebound.

Suggestions and New Ideas

Search Engine Strategies needs to get into pay for performance marketing, PPC, affiliate marketing and lead generation if they want to stay relevant. SEO is still a good strategy, but it is not the latest technique. Most people know basic SEO but lead generation and specialized local advertising is the next frontier.

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If you are active in the search engine optimization industry, have a blog or site following the search industry, digital marketing, or SES then there is a good chance you’re already sending traffic our way.

We Want To Help You Make Money and the SES conference can help you do this.

Visit the area in the Search Engine Watch forums to help our affiliates with any questions and tips for gaining more traffic to your sites and learn about speaker updates. We will have some of the best online marketers available to answer your questions.

There has never been a better time to sign in and check out which new upcoming events we are currently promoting through our seminar network in New York, San Jose, Toronto and more.

SES New York, the year’s biggest show is open for registration and is expected to attract as many as 6,000 attendees this year.

New Events & Upcoming Sessions

  • Introduction to Search Marketing
  • Building a Search Friendly Site
  • Search Around the World
  • Search Advertising 101
  • Universal & Blended Search
  • Igniting Viral Campaigns
  • Site Clinics
  • Successful Tactics for Social
  • Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Advanced B2B Marketing
  • Duplicate Content & Multiple Site Issues
  • Black Hat, White Hat: Playing Dirty with SEO

Offer prospects a special 15% discount coupon when registering, good for any conference pass, or training session with the voucher SESF15.


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  1. Great plugin. Is it able to do such as phpld? I’m kinda wanted to make paid directory. I guess most people is intended to do the same.

  2. Can someone recommend the best seo linking software? I want to be on the first page of google and get top search engine rankings but I cannot afford to go to the SES conference.

  3. SES used to be a great show, but it just is not the powerhouse it once was. Search engine CEO’s used to announce new features during this show, and now they aren’t even represented by a trade booth.

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