Critical Shopping Cart Checkout Button Placement

Left or right? No, this is not a political discussion but a serious usability question. Customers are used to seeing the checkout button on the right side of the screen, and moved the buy not button to the left. Is it a good idea to buck convention and try something new to stimulate your electronics shoppers?

In this case no, the risk of shopping cart abandonment is to large. It is ok to test some website elements such as color or font style, but not something that is literally the foundation of your business. If people cant find the payment button bad things will happen to your online business.

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Read what Future Now has to say about this unorthodox e-commerce setup.

From the Crutchfield customer service department: As a token of our thanks, we’d like to offer a you free shipping code on your next order, regardless of how much you spend. Just place your order within the next 90 days, and be sure to use your individual Customer ID: #00000-29817172 for a rebate. Enter the promo code when you order online, or give it to your Sales Advisor if you order by phone.

Crutchfield coupon: #00000-29817172

For electronics free shipping details, click here:


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  1. Thanks for sharing.

    I’m not sure how much difference moving the button is going to make. I don’t think it will make that much difference however, in my opinion.

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