Tesla Electric Car Showroom Opens Nearby

tesla logo I am both a car nut and a technology nut, so the combination of future technology, basic transportation and sports cars merged into one is too much for me to ignore.

The Tesla roadster is the coolest car so far this century. It uses no gas, and plugs into your household electricity network. There are zero greenhouse gas emissions with blinding on road performance. Unfortunately the cost is fairly steep at $109,000.

tesla roadster

“The company told the Associated Press that it is impressed with demand: it has taken 600 orders for the Roadster and has a waiting list of another 400. CEO Elon Musk owns the first one produced. The fancy showroom near Beverly Hills takes its inspiration from Apple stores, Musk said. […] The company plans to make a luxury sedan next year called the Whitestar that will come in two versions: an all-electric model that will run entirely on its lithium ion battery pack, and a range-extended vehicle that will also use liquid fuel to extend its range. The Roadster will have a range of 220 miles per charge and the mileage equivalent of 135 miles per gallon.”

Tesla is opening a Los Angeles store in the Westside city of Santa Monica in one of the most congested (and wealthy) areas of the state.

More about the Tesla store launch at Slashdot and Cnet.


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3 Responses

  1. Technology always advances. The $2000 computer you bought 5 years ago is likely obsolete and needs to be replaced. Electric cars will follow similar paths on their way to becoming mainstream products.

  2. The problem with the Tesla is that it is already obsolete. It used 1st generation li ion batteries that cost over $25,000 and won’t last over 5 years. It also has a driving radius of less than 100 miles. So you don’t ever have to go anywhere over 100 miles away? The car is a joke.

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