Tips For A Successful Online Information Product Launch

craft launch sequence Product launches are not new to the online industry, however they are currently one of the most popular form of promoting products by top affiliate marketers.

The framework of a product launch is prepping many affiliates who will help you mail out information during a week timespan. During this week you will unveil 3 new pieces of informative videos that provide valuable information and helpful tips while pre-selling your product. At the end of the week sequence, usually on a tuesday or thursday you will unveil a sales video with the price point and purchase instructions.

Successful product launches can generate thousands of sales and millions of dollars the first day.

The 4 main parts of a successful product launch are your audience, the offer, launch procedure and your authority.

  1. Audience
    – Are they passionate?
    – Do they give a damn? (Feedback, people emailing for more info after buying products)
    – Do you know what they REALLY want? (
  2. Offer
    – Right offer, is it a needed service
    – Correct price point
    – Proper sales copy and voice used to connect with your group. What you have, what it will do, and what you need them to do
  3. Launch
    – Right momentum and information flow
    – Timing to avoid holidays and other big launches
    – Give your best information during the launch sequence
  4. Your Authority
    – Do you have social proof – people think you know what you are talking about
    – Does your audience trust you
    – Do your contacts believe you have something they must have

If you can answer yes to all these questions, then you should have a successful launch. Let me know how your launches go, and as always I am happy to help you test pages, evaluate copy or screen videos.


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