Top SEOs PPC and SEO Competition Ripoff

top seos competitionThe internet marketing directory announced they are having a competition to allow the best search engine optimizers to show off their skills. is a web directory that lists SEO firms and ranks them based on how much money you give them, so in order to be in their featured SEO firm section you need to buy in. does list many top tier online marketing companies, but they also neglect a lot and this makes comparisons meaningless.

For a truly top list of search engine optimization firms go to or even the marketing sherpa guide. The reason this competition is meaningless is because the best SEO’s are never going to participate with a $5000 entry fee, so by definition the winner will be picked from an extremely limited talent pool.

from the Top SEOs email:

Enter the Annual SEO & PPC Competition. Choices are good, but too many choices are confusing. Consider the confusion that your customers and potential customers go through in selecting a SEO or a PPC specialist. They are told unbelievable stories and false promises are made. There is no distinction between the leader and the laggard with everyone screaming from the same cluttered platform. Clients have been robbed of their confidence, they have bled several times. Clients in quest of the best SEO and PPC firms face a daunting task. Indeed, the question that plagues their mind is “How do I find a competent, trustworthy, and a genuine firm?”

On the other hand, companies who truly excel do not get the distinction and the overdue credit they deserve. They get mixed, classified, and lost within plenty of bogus companies with little credibility to their claims.
It’s time for strong vendors to shine in the spotlight they deserve. It’s time to add quality clients to your portfolio who seek to align with competent internet marketing service providers.

Technology alone rarely wins the day. Few companies understand this principle. A company has to believe it can vault ahead from the rest. In short, it has to become a heavyweight in the industry. Are you ready to beat competition? Do you believe your brand and your services are the ultimate trump card?
Enter the annual SEO & PPC competition. The scale is big. The competition is big, and the stakes, even bigger.

So go signup for this meaningless search engine optimization competition and spend $5000 to get an award that has no significance. True SEO specialists have no time for this kind of biased competition, and you will get much more value in your marketing career to spend this money on quality directory links or add it to your pay per click budget.


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