How Twitter can grow your business

Twitter can help grow a business in various ways. It’s a great way to introduce new customers to a product to grow affinity for your business. People all over the world can have access to your tweets so they can get an insight on the work you do. Twitter can potentially make your company grow in popularity and success if you grow a loyal audience.

Twitter is can assist you in launching a new product. Tweets create publicity for a product as soon as people start sharing the content you post. This can lead to more potential sales by fans that start tweeting and re-tweeting about your company. The product can be a success far in advance of its release due to the activity users are having on Twitter. For example, “The Dark Knight Rises” has had midnight showings sold out weeks in advance of its July release.

A company’s presence on Twitter represents how popular they are with customers. People will decide if your profile is one they would listen to if it had, say, a thousand followers instead of just twenty. A way to gain followers is to have a good profile with a clear picture and a biography that describes what you do. This allows potential followers to know what your business does and easily identify the company outside of Twitter.

Active engagement on Twitter keeps a company visible on Twitter. Having conversations with users on the public timeline increases attention to your business. Make your tweets re-tweetable so others can share them and re-tweet a user when they mention the company or its products. By re-tweeting a follower you show you respect their opinions and acknowledge them.

In The Future of Engagement, Murray Newlands talks about ways businesses can grow by using Twitter.


Gaining more followers on Twitter using simple methods.

Interacting with users daily helps a company’s online presence.

Businesses can create buzz for products by interacting with followers.

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