Tips for Social Media Success Explained by a Dilbert Cartoon

dilbert twitter boss

Twitter is a great tool to connect with friends and facilitate business and is soon to be a multi billion dollar public company. However if used indiscriminately it can be a waste of time and possibly hurt your reputation.

Here is how twitter helps me with my business

  1. Asking questions
  2. Getting specific help with complex projects
  3. Connecting with people I otherwise wouldn’t
  4. Sending out coupon codes, deals, specials
  5. Meeting new industry specialists
  6. Reputation management – seeing real time searches about my company/industry

Everyone is getting into the twitter game, see how Dilbert convinces his boss to use it.

Thanks to UFS for the Dilbert comic strip image.


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  1. Please, can you tell me few more things about how to use twitter well. Do you receive a lot of business from social media?

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