Web Design Manifesto

While browsing the web we have all seen our share of good and bad site designs. This post lists 10 web design unspoken rules that will help you maintain a usable website and happy customers.

Choosing to ignore any of these rules could result in a complete loss of site visitors and receive flames from CSS gurus and web design forums

The Web Design Manifesto

  1. Homer Simpson No gratuitous use of animated gifs
  2. Do not use blinking text.
  3. Do not use Thou shalt not use marquee or rapidly moving text.
  4. Do not label links ‘Click Here’
  5. Do not use graphical flash intros with a ‘click here to skip intro’ button
  6. Do not use background music that starts automatically
  7. Do not use images in place of text
  8. Do not use multiple font variations
  9. Do not require Internet Explorer
  10. Do not have animations or moving backgrounds behind text

Inspired by Dwight’s deadly sins of web design.


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  1. Make it easier for visitors to reach your home page easily and from any where in your site. Have clear headings for each paragraph ….. 🙂

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