WSJ Explains SEO to President Clintons Mistresses

Gennifer Flowers If you were wondering what web 2.0 means to the future of the internet, it is all celebrity sex stories all the time. The Wall Street Journal traditionally has reported on things that happen in Wall Street, but now they are trying to broaden their focus to the Red Light District.
Thanks WSJ, we don’t have enough celebrity gossip sites and style blogs online. See the new BFF Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones at*

Read below as the Wall Street Journal editor tries to justify this gossip on an industry leading business magazine:

But despite the publicity, it appears that Ms. Flowers (pictured above at right) and Ms. Jones (at left) aren’t positioned to capitalize on all the attention. The e-commerce experience at the site is lacking, as Buzzwatch found when we made a test purchase. For starters, some work in search-engine optimization is called for. Some would-be shoppers–presumably having learned about the site in media coverage–may attempt to find it via a Web search. But all those Googlers typing in “gennifer flowers,” as mentioned above, will have a difficult time finding the right site. Ms. Flowers’ personal site,, appears within the first few results, but the new site created for the videos,, does not.

See the WSJ blogger try to mask a sex story by using a site review and useless search engine optimization tip as bait an switch.

For the record, could likely rank in the top 10 for their names by including important keywords in the title tags of their site.

Here is a free page title for gennifer and paula that won’t even cost them $1.99: “Women from President Clinton’s Former Affairs Gennifer Flowers and Paula Jones”

Linkbait was born with Made-For-Adsense sites, but has now grown into the mainstream.

I would consider linking to this site if it had an affiliate program. The WSJ is right that this primitive e-commerce system is not optimized to take advantage of the temporary surge in traffic.


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