Yahoo Doubleclicks on RightMedia

logo yahooYahoo has purchased the remaining 80% of Rightmedia it does not own for $680 million in cash and stock. VentureBeat & Techcrunch report that yahoo purchased 20% of the company in October 2006. Redpoint Ventures was the venture capital firm that funded the online advertising tech firm Rightmedia, and its safe to say th Redpoint guys will all be buying new homes.

This is clearly a defensive move as Yahoo tries to fend off Google & Doubleclick. What will this mean to advertisers and searchers? Less choices and more opportunities to serve you ads.

Personally I didn’t even know Rightmedia existed. Just how many advertising delivery systems do we need? Much like web 2.o social media sites, the ones that are not bought out are unlikely to have a happy future.

Read more at Marketing Pilgrim, Cotiso, ConversionRater, & SE Roundtable.


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