Yahoo No Longer Second Most Visited US Website

Facebook has become the second most popular website in the United States, passing Yahoo with 134 million unique visitors. Yahoo has been on an aggressive cost cutting plan, reducing services and features while Facebook continues to innovate, develop and improve their site.

What is most remarkable about Facebook’s dominance is the short time span this has happened in and it’s level of user engagement. The social networking site has nearly 3x the site visitor time as the other major internet properties.

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<p>Facebook is only behind Google and they have a real chance at beating them – <a href=Facebook is growing faster.

Back in the late 1990’s Amazon foresaw the growth of social networks and made a large investment in the purchase of in 1998. Amazon was correct in realizing “the only address book you’ll ever need” would be a website, however they were about 8 years too early.

Read more about Facebook becoming the #2 most visited website on the internet at Network World and


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15 Responses

  1. Take a look at our Google Caffeine ebook and let me know what you think, it definitely helps you rank sooo much higher in search results… no need for Yahoo.

  2. We are checking out this specific yahoo traffic on our site. I though my spouse and i was initially questioning if folks are familiar with any different search engines besides the big 3, as Yahoo is dropping. if somebody familliar with these search engines let me know please.

  3. I am the yahoo blogger and I can’t believe how much my favorite company has been destroyed. Sigh.

  4. This is a really bold move of facebook and I don’t like their privacy strategy. Who gave Facebook the right to show my photos and friends to search engine spiders?

  5. Yahoo is still my homepage, and I’m not a facebook user but I follow the money, and facebook users currently have the money.

  6. Third time today I came across information about Yahoo’s decline, it seems that CEO Carol Bartz hit a wall and is in steady decline.

  7. Facebook is a wonderful source of traffic and they send me more than Ask and Yahoo combined. A lot of efforts are done by the webmasters to monetize Facebook traffic, but only few of them are successful. I am getting about 15000 Unique Visitors only from my Facebook Fan Pages to my websites every month. I have developed my own method, and have reached 5000 friends in 7 days and I got 70000 fans in last 30 days. The key is to find which type of user is most likely to accept friend requests and automate the friending process.

  8. Are all your facts right? I am not trying to be a bad guy, however I don’t glimpse how this is possible. Yahoo has been in business for over 15 years, how can a site that relies on farmville to keep its users engaged be taking over the web?

  9. I probably would not have suspected Yahoo’s decline but this marks a change in the internet landscape. It had been excellent a handful of years for Yang & Filo in the past but it’s surprising precisely how time alters the means by which your online authority matters.

  10. I’m a big believer in disruption and am glad the internet is a democracy, with users voting with their traffic. Search and discover has given way to networking and connecting with friends. Even blog authors know that their audience is fickle and could be diverted to other resources. The online survivors will be the ones who have added something of value to the web.

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