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You can get a website anywhere, but Netpaths can get you to the top of the search engines. This is a big claim - how can we be so sure of our search engine optimization services? Find out more about how your website can be at the top of Google and generate more leads from targeted search engine traffic.

We offer you a forward thinking web design company focused on providing high value services to the online market. You can improve the value of your business with a well designed and promoted website. Netpaths can help.

Striving for elegant web development solutions that are both profitable and aesthetic. Netpaths is a proven web design company that is customer centric, is focused on long term stability, and has a leadership team of seasoned web services professionals. Netpaths web design is consistently ranked among the top web development and SEO firms with a long history of strong customer support.

We have a 100% success rate for all our online marketing projects, and guarantee your satisfaction with our work. We want to craft your message and optimize your site so that you get targeted traffic, increased leads, and more sales.

1/2 of all advertising money is wasted. The problem is knowing which half. Through analytics, tracking, and focused landing pages we can determine what works, and place your money in programs that convert for you.

Did you spend thousands of dollars on a website that is not generating leads and making sales? Are you struggling to grow your business, improve your brand, and generate new leads? Find out which online solutions will help you reach your goals.

Get Results

Netpaths has a proven track record of getting companies to the top of search engines and increasing site traffic.

Client Conversion  
Injury Attorney 955%
Ear Doctor 419%
Medical Supplies 233%
Investigation Firm 573%


"We have seen dramatic improvements from small changes and are estatic with our sales conversions."
— Scott C

Client Case Studies

Find out more about how Netpaths helped bring this client to the top of the search engines and increased conversions with targeted landing pages. Read more...

Design Case Study

Service Solutions

Netpaths offers the following services, whether your company is looking for SEO or additional site enhancements.

Netpaths is a proud member of:
Marketing Sherpa Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization

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