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Enhancing Your Image

A business is often judged by the quality of its advertising. A slick, full-page ad in a national magazine is beyond the means of many, but a finely-crafted presence on the world wide web is within the reach of large corporation and small business alike.

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Full Capability

Quality Assurance

NetPaths design company takes time to know your organization. With your guidelines and review, to select the images and essential information which will best serve your goals. We relish a sizable challenge, but when budget is a key factor in establishing an internet presence, we offer flexible, selection-based cost options. When necessary, we can cut to the core and yet create vital, effective websites. Why worry about your web designer when you can focus on your core business instead? We are based in Los Angeles California, but have an international client list.

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An Informed Process

NetPaths web design brings the full range of available technologies to developing your project. Options and techniques will be explained in non-technical English and you will be able to follow development of your site online. For your completed site, we are specialists in the critical skill of search engine placement. We offer ongoing liaison, maintenance and updating, or your site may be so designed that it can be serviced by your own organization. Full information regarding visitors to your website will be readily available.

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Features sought after by most consumers

  • 90% Free Shipping
  • 81% Discounts to Frequent Shoppers
  • 77% Tracking on purchases
  • 62% Published Privacy Policy
  • 51% Received a High Rating from an independent source

overview | redesign | e-commerce | databases | shopping carts | programming | pricing