Chart Outlines Path to Happiness

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Are you happy? Ever wanted to find the blueprint to happiness? A great flowchart to analyze the path to being happy.

happiness chart

If you aren’t happy, hopefully there are small things you can change to improve your mood.

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4 Responses to “Chart Outlines Path to Happiness”

  1. Felisha Wheeler Says:

    This is surely a work a of genius, I love being happy.

  2. Marianela Dechant Says:

    Waiting for an SEO to create the linkwheel chart of happiness!

  3. Kris Says:

    As graphic as it may sound, skin peeling acne off your body will essentially result in a clearer appearance and can uplift your mood.

  4. Connyer Says:

    Is it really worth it to do SEO on your own and will this make you happy? Exactly how do you learn about it? I don’t intend to pay anyone simply because of dependability as well as cost challenges.

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