Interview with Google Director Eric Schmidt

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eric schmidt google I tried to make a comment on this post, but Wired does not allow comments on this article. Oh well, their loss.
I’ve read several interviews with Eric Schmidt and what really strikes me is his sense of giving and dedication to teaching and sharing. Doing interviews is tremendously time consuming, but he is constantly sharing information.

Several things stand out is the company struggles in the early years. Google almost split up because of a disagreement on how to structure an advertising deal with AOL. AOL ended up getting stock options and guaranteed revenue on ad sharing, which made them a lot of money.

Overture tried to buy Google. Imagine what would have happened if the company formerly known as purchased the greatest search algorithm ever. They would have ruined it with pay per click ads – we are lucky Google remained a standalone company.

Read the interview with Eric Schmidt in November 2005.

It’s interesting to read other blogs to see what other people thought were the most important parts to this interview. Greg at SEL, Paul Kedrosky of Infectious Greed, Brij Singh with One More Idea & Ionut Alex Chitu from Googlesystem.

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