Large Facebook Pages Get 1 Click Per 1000 Fans

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Links Posted in a users news feed have a 0.14% CTR, 1 Click Per 715 impressions according to an analytics study conducted by A brief summary of this ranking data: if you want to make money from your facebook followers, create a system to monetize fans on your facebook page.

Fan Pages receive 0.00093 clicks per fan, approximately 1 click per 1000 fans. As a social media marketer you will need to accumulate a significant amount of fans to drive significant traffic to external websites. Getting people to click away from facebook is the biggest challenge for businesses and the main method of deriving a return on investment from the worlds’ largest social network.

Most large brands have at least 100,000 fans, and the Posts by these companies with less fans have a much higher CTR. For facebook Pages with over 1,000 fans, link posts still only have a 0.35% CTR, 1 click per 280 impressions, 0.00236 clicks per per fan, an average of 1 click per 424 fans.

What this means is that having a high number of Facebook followers is not an indication that you will make money. Over 99% of your followers will not click your links, so monetizing these users must be done on Facebook, not on your website.

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