Google Adwords Promotional Codes for $100 Free PPC Credit

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I received an email with Google Adwords coupons and have 30 promotional coupons available. Each code offers $100 in free clicks and can be used on any account in any country. These are all valid codes at the time of this posting, and are offered on a first come first served basis.

I received these 2013 Adwords coupon codes a while ago through my Google Professional certification and now I have more than I need, so you win!

These Adwords promo codes will work on any new account, so it may be worth creating a new account to utilize these free clicks. These are my gift to you for being such great subscribers.

Adwords coupon codes are below:

Brand new codes, more added daily:


MY HUMBLE REQUEST: Please leave a comment below telling me how these adwords discount codes helped your business and made you money. I want to hear your stories of online marketing success.


Terms and Conditions apply – see our FAQ for more details, including instructions on how to apply the credits.

Here is a direct link to get $75 Google Adwords coupons. Note that you must use this link to get the credit on your new Adword account.

We would love to hear how you are using your free Google ad credits in the comments.

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351 Responses to “Google Adwords Promotional Codes for $100 Free PPC Credit”

  1. Somebodyunfamous Says:

    argh, one day too late. I could really use a $100 promo code (or a $250!)!

  2. bart Says:

    im so late and cannot remdeem any coupon for new adwords credits in 2010.

  3. james Says:

    I really want the adwords promo code any one can email them to me?

  4. ppc mgt Says:

    I find the whole seo thing to be a labourious pain, and PPC is just too costly. With SEO you spend ages doing things to your site, you wait even longer to get links from relevant sources. Hopefully PPC prices will decrease in some niche areas.

  5. SEO Cost Says:

    Is there any extension of the last date for the promotional coupon codes?

  6. worthington Says:

    Hi, I hope you don’t mind me posting here but I desperately need help with PPC. I’m promoting my site using Google Adwords, it used to be cheap but it’s so expensive – please send more coupon codes.

  7. James Earl Says:

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    I am seaching for some ideas to write in my marketing blog, thanks for the adwords money this will help me promote my site.

  9. Gaby Says:

    Thanks for posting these Adwords promo codes, looking forward to saving 100 bucks.

  10. dailyreckoning Says:

    A friend and myself have been arguing about Google sending out free coupon codes. Now I know that I was right, free adwords offers exist. lol! marked you as a fave.

  11. Patches Says:

    I just stumbled upon the Google adwords vouchers and will try one out – I hope you post coupon codes again soon.

  12. Wada Says:

    I’m laid off from work now, so i’ve been reading blogs about how to make money online and am grateful for this free Google money.

  13. charlesbrooks Says:

    Adwords is a great way to Make money online, and can be used to promote affiliate programs and CPA offers. Affiliate marketing is easier and probably the most effective method to make money from the internet – for every click, the website owner gets a small commission. My strategy is to use PPC to drive traffic to affiliate sites, thanks for the free money.

  14. Roscoe Scarborough Says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated with adwords PPC codes. I know it costs you money to give these away and we appreciate all the hard work that you put into it.

  15. Madelaine Benyard Says:

    Sorry to ask, but any idea of how to get more adwords vouchers for 2010?

  16. youproblog Says:

    I am so tired of playing the PPC game – it is just draining me of money.

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  18. Trixie Says:

    I’m very interested to learn if ppc is becoming noticably more expensive or whether seo is the only way to go. Are there statistics available that show average click costs?

  19. arollin Says:

    I am seaching for some ideas to write in my blog and these 100 coupons will greatly help. I like your site and the free codes.

  20. Myles Stryke Says:

    I read your blog through an RSS feed and was forwarded the coupon codes through my feed reader. Please post more $100 vouchers soon.

  21. Kathy Says:

    Just wanted to thank you for sharing these valuable coupon codes.

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    I came here a bit late… sure they could help me in promoting my site but can I have some new promotional codes as they all have expired.

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    After finding these free codes I spent 4 hours researching PPC frlm your site. Thanks for the good information about Google.

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    Deals4now also provides promo codes, deals and discounts for online services.

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    Thanks for the Great Google Adwords Coupon Codes. Keep it up.
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    I have a $75 Adwords coupon code. If you want mail me

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    Hey, I have a $100 AdWords coupon code Google sent me for valentines day. Im selling it for $40 Send me a message at

  29. Brian Says:

    You are a theif and you took my code. Shame on you!

  30. Kevin McCormack Says:

    I love free money and will gladly take PPC credit!

  31. lankaentrepreneurs Says:

    Most of this Code now expired, Waiting for the new code?
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  32. Bennett Lee Says:

    Dear Webmaster – please post new adwords codes if you get any. Adwords is too expensive to experiment with their ad network.

  33. Chris Shwerood Says:

    Thanks for the promo coupons, I love free money. very helpful post!

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  35. Shelia Dunst Says:

    Although I would’ve preferred if Google provided more detail about their ad program, I still got a decent ROI using these coupons. It might not work for others – Will definitely come back for more promo codes.

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    do you like to make more money from home? We have a formula for Google adwords automation that can make money online.

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    Hi can u teach me the formula that u have for adwords management?

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    It’s not common these days to find this type of discount information about adwords. Keep posting coupons.

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    I always enjoy reading intelligent articles by an individual who is definately up to snuff on their chosen subject. I’ll be watching this post with much interest. Keep up the good work, see you next time

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    a free adwords coupon for this advertising service for everybody and this matter is good for all. It’s all good you have a great SEO site, thanks.

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    I am more inclined to use google adwords for my main PPC campaigns, but now I am doing AB testing to be closed in the powerful google, and improve conversion rates.

  42. Satyanand Says:

    I would like to promote my site through SEO in addition to PPC. But I don’t know how to do it. Kindly give me some reply to promote my site so I don’t have to keep paying for clicks.

  43. gsm mantra Says:

    Hi, I hope you don’t mind me posting here but I desperately need help with PPC. I’m promoting my site using Google Adwords, it used to be cheap but it’s so expensive – please send more coupon codes.

  44. John folger Says:

    Hi if you have more adwords credits please send me one. Thanks

  45. Sarah page Says:

    How did you know I was really wanting some adwords coupons?

  46. Benito Says:

    Google AdWords promotion is a big scam. The place to enter the promotional code is buried in the middle of the page where you enter your billing information. You must enter a valid debit or credit card number to pay the $5 activation fee and there is a note that states that your card will be charge after your promotion amount expires.

    This is a bad experience that taught me that Google is cheating like everyone else. The promotional coupon that I got in the mail states that the first step is to sign in to the AdWords promotional screen and enter the promotional code. But it is not so. You must go through the time consuming process of creating your ad and then you find out that it is not free. You must pay $5 using your debit or credit card. I refused to pay $5 and enter my card number.

    They make you waste your time and get frustrated. Google would keep charging you if you don’t remember to put a stop. Google is just another crook.

  47. CVOS Says:

    @benito Yes all new adwords accounts require a $5 activation fee, however the rest is free ad money for you to play PPC with and you can cancel at any time.

  48. Townsend Says:

    I snag tons of cheap traffic to my website by means of PPV Traffic.

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    I was just talking to my PPC marketing partner about this very topic, thanks for the discount link.

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    We have created tools to help users optimize their Adwords campaigns.

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    I visited adwords while searching bing for retail ad coupons. Why would anyone choose adwords over adcenter?

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    I have a website on how to create insanely profitable google proof PPC campaigns that are ready to go in under 45 minutes.

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    Thanks for the ad credit, because of this I’ll be able to use the web for more testing data.

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    Hey all, trying to find some adwords PPC coupons for my site Anyone know of any?



  55. Niroj Says:

    Well i have some google codes but don’t know how to use them cuz i don’t have a credit card. 🙁

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    I have a 6 $100 google credits sitting here with nobody to give them to. If anybody wants one just email me at Please note you must start a NEW adwords account tho to apply them.

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    PPC is a great way to go and you can find the $75 coupon virtually everywhere. Just fyi!

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    google adwords cupons awesome!

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    can someone send me a coupon. we want to give it a try

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    plese let me know where i can find coupuns available for adwords, if even i have to pay i am ready, I live in INDIA

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    More free coupons please 🙂

  64. Azad K Says:

    Please let me know where I can find more coupuns available for adwords.

  65. Aravinth Says:

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I received a promotional code from Google. How can I learn more about for this PPC promotional code…. please explain in detail.

  66. Tim Says:

    Hi everybody,

    Just letting you all know I have a few more google adwords credits left over if anybody needs any. If you are interested then you must NOT already have a Google Adwords account.

    This is for new accounts only so please give everyone a fair chance as you might get your account suspended if caught trying to make more than one account on the same domain.

    Secondly I will need your first and last name and your email address. I have to do it manually and Google will be the only ones getting the details. I won’t be keeping your name or email or sell it or anything like that.

    Feel free to email your details to me and remember it’s only the first 10. Google has been quite generous with the amount this time around.

    Please ONLY email me if your serious about setting up an account as somebody else may like to use the credit. Please note it may take a day or two to receive the email invite from the Adwords team so be patient.

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    They keep sending me codes for new account users only, despite the fact that I’ve had an Adwords account for years. I wonder what their game is.

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    OK, someone explained the game to me. They send me a coupon I cannot use, hoping I will pass it on to a friend, who will try Adwords because they now have both a coupon and a personal referral. Clever!
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