How Toys R Us Lost with the 5.1 Million Dollar Purchase

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Global toy conglomerate TOYS R US have purchased the domain for the reported 5.1 million dollars, making it the biggest sale of 2009 so far, as well as one of the ten biggest sales ever reported.

The only problem was that this destroyed the SEO for the existing domain, causing Toys R Us to loose a ranking for the keyword ‘toys”

Now, instead of holding position #1 and #4 they only have one.

Corporate IT simply redirected the new domain name to the
Toys’R’Us home page. no longer had its own site so Google delisted
it. They will still receive type-in traffic, but all the extra traffic from the additional Google ranking has disappeared.

Normally I recommend focusing your energy on one website and trying to build a single site into a dominant entity. However, for a large corporation with a limitless website that has the potential to rank for multiples of competitive keywords, using multiple websites can be an effective strategy.

This is the worst however. Toys’R’Us has registered the typo
domain (missing the first ‘s’) but has not
forward it to This is a huge blunder, and is causing this mega retailer tons of sales.

Toys R Us needs to contract out their search engine optimization or they will keep loosing ground to

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6 Responses to “How Toys R Us Lost with the 5.1 Million Dollar Purchase”

  1. Charmaine Jermeland Says:

    Toys R us could really use some targeted linkbuilding.

  2. Mary Pollins Says:

    I found we get a lot of our traffic from AOL using exact match domains. It’s really bizarre that this legacy search engine sends so much traffic.

  3. Fredrick M Says:

    Hey man, I own a few premium websites too and I almost never see much type in traffic for them. How can I make my millions also?

  4. Chris Says:

    I wish I could sell a 5 letter word for millions of dollars!

  5. John Anderson Says:

    Highly helpful for us domain name brokers. I presume your trusty readers might want even more well written
    articles like this continue the SEO benefits of good content.

  6. Kevin Tejeiro Says:

    I am just uncovering this online internet site by way of the Archos item and I can’t acquire the comprehensive online internet site to arrive to get from the positioning to load. we Just assumed you wants to know!

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