Valuable Domain Name Reborn As Business Social Network

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Estimated reading time: 2 minutes, 41 seconds logo Back when I began my internet aspirations in 1998 I saw the heavy wheeling and dealing at during the height of the dot-com era. When I hung my shingle on the roadside of the information superhighway, was 100x bigger than Toys R Us and Yahoo was a 130B company.

Domain names rapidly changed hands and seemingly had no limit on their valuation.

I remember coming across and seeing the unique under construction page:

This domain is owned by Mike O’Connor. As you can see, there’s not much going on at the moment. The short version is that I got this domain Back In The Old Days, and have been so busy that I’ve never gotten around to doing anything with it. I may yet get up the gumption, but obviously haven’t yet! 🙂 via

The original owner, Mike O’Connor the self titles Curmudgeon Emeritus dryly writes about his good fortune being an internet pioneer and having the good fortune to create an ISP startup at the beginning of the WWW.

Without going into a huge long rant, my belief is that these “generic” dot-com domain names were (and are) pretty valuable. They’re sort of the Internet version of real estate and I represent the Internet equivalent of a farmer who finds himself next to a rapidly growing city that’s going through rapid boom and bust cycles. So my stupid names (which people thought I was nuts to get) are worth a lot of money (and used to be worth even more).

How much? It’s still hard to say. The market for domain names has matured a lot since the early ’90’s when I got these domains. There was a period in 1999 and 2000 when prices went crazy. My take is that it will take another 3 to 5 years for things to really settle down. Please don’t write me to debate this point. Consider it the ravings of a lunatic if you like. The point is that I’m reluctant to sell right now because I don’t think the market is valuing these names very well at the moment. archived quote.

Times have changed, and an entrepreneur has purchased and created a business social network site, something the original owner prophesied. I am sure it was a healthy 7 figure sale, which is a stunning creation of wealth for creating absolutely nothing.   It seems they have funding, as they are hiring

You can view the directory which provides free business listings and a clean layout. This web directory is not as good as and, both of which offer fully followed links, but it has an unbeatable price: free.

I personally believe .com (and some .net & .org) are like real estate and will have lasting values as investments. Quality brand and dictionary domain names will continue to hold value for the indefinite future.  Google loves dictionary based domain names and assigns them nearly unlimited authority, making search engine ranking trivially easy.  Buy a single word keyword domain, get guaranteed Google love.

Buy well and you can join the relatively elite crowd of premium domain name holders, and possibly retire early and be a Curmudgeon Emeritus like Mr. O’Conner.

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  1. John chloeglock Says:

    You may want to take a second look at I’d love more comments about this new online local directory. There seems to be a ton of competition in this area.

  2. Icechen1 Says:

    Too bad the age of registering valuable domains is pretty much over. Most dictionary words are taken by now.
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  3. Kriz Says:

    Since attempting for a little bit for one beneficial study on specialized directories such as I observed these pages listed in Google but not ranked well. Do you get any benefit from links from

  4. Mark Sapient Says:

    Good dispatch with domain name info – I hate domain snipers.

  5. Harold Levinson Says:

    Thank you for another informative blog talking about the good old early days of domaining. Where else could one become a millionaire by buying a dictionary name?

  6. Rodney Dejel Says:

    The dot com economy is finally starting to look good but Real Estate is a much more profitable business to get into – get your

  7. Melissa Meyers Says:

    Domaining will be a huge business in the 10’s

  8. elena Says:

    Domain name valuations will fall as google reduces the value of exact match domain names.

  9. tyler Says:

    Then they would say they needed more paperwork and then they would be ready to repo the shady domain names.

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