A Day In The Life Of Google Webmaster

A day in the life of webmaster support from Maile Ohye, Developer Programs Tech Lead. Maile filmed her day at the Mountain View Googleplex. I didn’t think video camers were allowed inside Google – when I was there last year they had security searches to make sure no cameras of any kind were brought in.

Nice to see Matt Cutts make a cameo appearance on this video. What is a Google webmaster video without the anti spam king?

The work environment sounds nice, start at around 10 AM and finish around midnight. This schedule is a very compatible with the computer geek/internet addict work environment. Obviously it has served Google well.

Useful tidbits include:

Recent and upcoming releases
* Webmaster Tools API on schedule (this will be cool)
* “Skip intro” in search results (this sounds interesting, like a skip flash intro?)

Two recent spam techniques mentioned in the blogosphere. Brian White, who leads one of the Webspam-fighting groups at Google, explained that one technique is new twist on old idea, both are already handled.

Good to know multiple Googlers are probably reading Shoemoney, Dave Naylor, Quadzilla and probably subscribe to all the SEO black hat forums and training sites.


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