Free Coupon For Microsoft Adcenter and Bing Coupons

Get a $100 coupon for Microsoft Adcenter. This coupon is good for $100 in free clicks from MSN Adcenter. I have used this adcenter coupon and it works.

$25 coupon code: DMB13-jul12

$25 Bing webmaster tools coupon code if you authenticate your website: click here

Free clicks on the Bing offer expire soon so don’t delay.

Update – there is a new free Bing adcenter coupon that doesn’t expire until the end of 2011!

The only way to get this Microsoft Adcenter discount is to use this link to login. When you do click on the above link you will be sent to a signup page where you can enter the code to receive $50 in free clicks.

The deal is valid for unlimited uses, but only one per customer.

Here is an adcenter  offer code for $150 off pay per click advertising. Also check updated coupons for adwords.

Bing offer codes (these discount code must be entered manually):


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47 Responses

  1. Skype ID —> adcentercoupon
    This guy is a scammer pls do not purchase coupons from him. He is based in Malaysia and will take off with your money if you purchase from him.

  2. Hi Sunny,

    Love your site, lot’s of useful content on here. I could use a Bing Ads coupon, when are you available to chat on skype?

    Let me know,

  3. Updated News

    Worldwide Working Bing/adCenter $115, $75, $50 Coupons/Vouchers Only Limited Stock Available. Grab them Before they are gone

    Contact Me On..
    Skype: Starvasi4u

    Thank you guys!

  4. Bing adcenter $175 bing voucher 31/12/2012 validity

    skype contact – bingmaster211
    gtalk venkatesh.bakale21 @ gmail . come

    If anyone need call me one for free

  5. Bing special vouchers in stock now you can add 20 coupon in single account

    contact with me on skype adnanjalani519

  6. I just would like to give a huge thumbs up for the good information about Bing Adcenter and the ppc tips for increasing ROI.

  7. Some adcenter tips i would like to bring up is that personal computer landing pages are required to be purchased if you spend more than $1000 per month with Microsoft.

  8. The code didn’t work with me neither. I searched all over the place and found a way to get $200 coupon. You have to buy a $25 book but you will get $200 coupon code.

    Here is a link for you guys

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