Google Adwords Paid Search Guarantee is Unethical

Just like with natural or organic search engine rankings, it’s not possible to guarantee top placement in Google adwords paid search. AdWordsPro a member from Google groups says that a company guaranteeing a specific position in paid or unpaid search engine results is potentially unethical and not feasible

Bottom line, if anyone says they can ‘guarantee’ top placement – whether in the unpaid search results or within AdWords – then buyer beware.


Google’s AdWords algorithm is not based on how much you are willing to pay for placement. Paid search ranking factors include click through rate, the quality of your pages, Quality Score, landing page relevance, overall website relevance, ad title & copy, keyword relevance, usage of Dynamic Keyword Insertion.

Barry has more on the paid search guarantee.


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  1. As far as forgetting the google search competition goes, you should still analyze their adverts to make sure your adverts are better, more relevant and of course better optimised. Then obviously you need to counter the fraudulent clickers. Google has a great system for this, but without your human intervention there is no real way to stop them. Google has crossed the don’t be evil line.

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