Affiliate Networks Reviewed

affiliate marketing There are several ways to make money online, and some of my favorite are affiliates and CPA. Affiliate networks are regular sites that have signed up to give an advertiser a specified percentage on all completed sales. A webmaster places a targeted link with affiliate tracking code on their site, and if a user clicks through to the publisher’s website and makes a purchase, the affiliate receives a portion of the sale, generally between 5% – 10%. To learn more about how to make money online try going to industry conferences and local events. We have a discount code for Affiliate Summit which is the largest affiliate marketing conference in the world.

Affiliate networks

  • Commission Junction – the largest affiliate network, with most recognized brands. CJ grows by 3-10 new affiliate publishers per day. Good reporting and a fairly easy to use layout. Reasonable response from customer service. Offers brands on five different national markets, including Sweden, Germany, France, United States and United Kingdom.
  • Shareasale – has the best reputation among affiliate managers and super affiliates. SAS is the most affiliate friendly program available, and while it does not have a lot of big name companies they are a quality company.
  • Pepperjam Network – PepperJam is a new affiliate network run by a gregarious search marketer, and I have high hopes for this affiliate program. Many of the sop search engine optimization consulting forms and conferences including Search Engine Strategies and SMX have signed up with PJ. This is a very positive indicator of a trustworthy program.
  • LinkConnector – technologies, provided by LinkConnector, are the Naked Link Technology and Affiliate Connections. The Naked Link Technology allows you, as an affiliate, to link directly to the merchant’s site without using a third party URL. This gives your site more of an editorial feel and mayincrease your earnings. Affiliate Connections helps to find optimal promotions and maximize EPX. If you choose various promotions to put on your site this technology will know which one that’s the most profitable at the moment and optimize its display.
  • LinkShare – this affiliate program was a dying dog before being purchased by the Japanese e-commerce company Rakuten. They have a new admin interface and better management tools. Second only to Commission Junction for big brand representation – most mall department stores are represented in Link Share.
  • Performics – lots of large companies, decent interface but substandard support. Performics and Connect Commerce seem to not want you to know they have real people running their website.
  • ClickBank – good solution for digital downloads, ebooks, subscriptions, writing and one off items. Huge downsides to Click Bank are they require 5 unique purchases before they will send you a commission check
  • Share Results – smaller affiliate network with less recognized brands. There is very little data on shareresults.
  • LinkTrust – another small affiliate publisher network, unsure if it is worth signing up for.
  • DirectTrack – Old school affiliate program that serves niche markets. Good affiliate system if you like the specific publishers
  • Kolimbo – notable for the system which lets you run your affiliate program from your own domain name. Affiliates never leave your site. The downside is it is harder to attract super affiliates who may be running hundreds of offers concurrently.

CPA networks

  • Azoogle – long standing cost per action affiliate network with a reasonable selection of affiliate publishers and good affiliate support. I have always been able to reach Azoogle Ads via phone if necessary.
  • Incentaclick – Recently renamed to CX Digital, this cpa affiliate network

These are good at their intended purpose and are optimized for sending traffic to landing pages. CPA leads can convert well if the traffic exactly matches the offer and landing page setup. These users are not looking to browse, they are looking to buy.


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  3. PSM Holdings CEO discusses the recent decision to acquire a new affiliate network and broaden relationships with affiliates in the mortgage industry

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  5. Some of the Top CPA Networks are very difficult to be a member of. You may want to try NeverBlue and Max Bounty CPA Networks as they are much easier to join than most. You will be called by these Networks and they will ask how you plan to advertise, so research is important before creating expensive niche websites.

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