April Links Not Fools

Collection of links and blog posts for April. This may seem like April fools, but unfortunately these are all legitimate stories.

new kids on the block New kids on the block reunion tour – this is just a bad idea. My generation’s favorite band to hate as a teenager is touring again, I cannot see how this will work for them. For any of you who have 80’s boy band nostalgia and hang tough with the near middle aged rockers, download some New Kids musak.

Americans prefer cheap gas to cancer cure – yes it appears our lovely citizens would rather pay less money to drive around than be free of a disease that kills a million people a year. A positive way to spin this is that people prefer cleaner energy and cleaner air to monolithic big oil, but in reality people would be just as happy using old school polluting oil technology if it was 1/2 price.
With high gas prices there are options such as taking the bus, biking or even walking (!) With Cancer there is the certainty that soon you will not have to worry about paying high gas prices (or taxes, or anything).

Apple #1 in Music – The music industry is officially transmorgrified, and the record labels are as relevant as typewriters. Downloaded music, specifically music from Apple iTunes is now tops in the United States. Apple beat out Wal Mart to become the top rated destination for music.

  1. iTunes 19%
  2. Wal Mart 15%
  3. Best Buy 13%
  4. Amazon 6%
  5. Target 6%
  6. FYE/Coconuts (what the heck is this) 3%
  7. Borders 3%
  8. Barnes & Noble 2%
  9. Circuit City 2%
  10. Rhapsody Real Audio 1%

Quote from the article

The NPD Group has been tracking a “sharp increase” in digital downloads over the past several months as physical sales dry up. According to NPD’s research, 48 percent of US teens didn’t buy a single CD in 2007

Wow, back when my peers were listening to the New Kids it seems like friends were buying music (cassette tapes) every week.


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