Asian Business Etiquette – Doing Business with Companies from Asia

business cards Working with companies from South East Asia, Singapore & Malaysia, Japan, Korea or China requires different business etiquette than Western nations. Below is a video crash course in the art of the Asian business card exchange.

Following these simple tips and honoring protocol in their countries will win you huge points and guarantee respect. Not following these cultural business guidelines could result in lost deals or reduced business from Asian companies.

My generation, (Generation X) is not as formal as our previous generation, and some people lament that the United States is slowly losing formality & etiquette that makes for a respectful and polite society. This video contains important information for the younger business professional who may have no experience with Asian business culture and working with international firms.

Exchanging business cards is a small but non trivial part of working with international firms.

Read more about Asian style business card exchanges at


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18 Responses

  1. that was a really well written article about Japanese business etiquette, I will always accept business cards with 2 hands.

  2. Asians have some great ideas for business, but Confucian etiquette is really a pain. I did an internal office poll and Asian firms are the trickiest to work with.

  3. have already been visiting ur blog around a few days. absolutely love your posts. by the way i am conducting a research relating to this area. do you happen to know any great blogs or perhaps online forums where I might find out more? thanks a lot.

  4. I wonder to what extent this is still applicable. I’m sure to a degree things have changed even in the East. Maybe old business men still put these things into practice, but the younger generation probably exchange business information in a different way.

  5. It is very interesting to do business in both Asia and the US. This video only scratches the surface of our cultural differences in business.

  6. I found business in Asia to be like a dance – many nuances that can only be picked up with practice and patience. This article has great points about the simple art of the international business card exchange.

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