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bidvertiser ppc logoTaking a page from the Auction Ads Playbook, has created ads displaying Ebay auction listings. The new Bidvertiser ads actually look quite good, although one drawback is there seems to be no way for publishers to easily display the ad.

ebay ad

From their email to me:

Drive buyers to your eBay Listings using BidVertiser!

BidVertiser now allows you to drive buyers and increase sales by
placing an ad for any of your eBay Items on thousands of relevant websites.
Your ad will include a description and an image of your item, pricing
and time left till auction closes. Your ebay ad will be created automatically,
you only need to choose your desired Item

And best of all – we now offer you $20 in Free Affiliate Clicks!

For a preview of an eBay ad click below: bdv_ebay_preview.dbm

To enjoy this free credit, simply login, create your eBay ad and
activate your account. We will immediately credit your account with $20 and
start displaying your eBay affiliate ad.

Bidvertiser looks like an interesting option for monetizing blogs and websites. I tried them on this SEO blog and am averaging .20 per click.


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