Daily Search Marketing Tip: SEO Tools For Keyword Research

seo tools icon Competition analysis is an important part of an SEO strategy to access the strengths and weaknesses of competing websites.

Using some SEO tools we can discover what keywords they are targeting for rankings and paid search ads.

Estimating the average monthly traffic of competitors, their customer profile, keyword usage and customer interaction with their website are aspects of SEO competition analysis.

We have provided a list of the major Competitive Intelligence Tools available on the web, which will give you an insight in the kind of traffic a website gets. Some of the top free competitive intelligence tools are mentioned below, although most have a paid premium service (that is worth purchasing). One drawback of these tools is that they do not provide data for websites with low traffic, reliant on 3rd party resources and google the data is generalized.

Competitive Intelligence Tools

For creating PPC campaigns, the tools to find targeted keywords, research competitors websites directly and discover other campaign data.

PPC Tools

Once you know and understand your competitors, you can find their weak spots and use this to beat them in the search engines.

This is not a comprehensive list, please share the tools you use for internet marketing in the comments. Feel free to add a link to your own website if it provides a useful tool or technique.


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  1. It is a kind of on the internet marketing and advertising by producing small content connected to your company topic or business. Soon SEO will be a tool for only the rich.

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