Dilbert on Search Engine Optimization

Asok Lost his soul trying to improve his Google search engine ranking. He found that keyword research & placement along with inbound links are the foundation of search engine placement. The missing ingredient:
Ritual sacrifice, presumably of an intern.

Suggestions to Scott Adams to improve Dilbert search engine optimization: create a text version of your cartoon, rename the image with a more relevant filename, add a keyword rich alt tag, and consider linking the strip to a larger popup version.

If Google was more transparent we wouldn’t need to fight them with humor and satire.

Source: dilbert.com illustrated by the one and only Scott Adams


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6 Responses

  1. I agree with you wholeheartedly and see that quality links are good for rank improvements. I used webmarketingwizardry.com and they got us a penalty warning 🙁 Will be contacting you guys.

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  3. Dilbert is my favorite cartoon of all time, and SEO is my job. It’s a bit ironic that google doesn’t rank these comics higher.

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