Embeddable Widgets Are Great Tools for Link Acquisition

If you have yet to discover the value of embeddable content widgets in linkbuilding, read on. Rich media, such as videos and infographics, draw attention and drive traffic, but interactive media, such as widgets that you cab place on any website, can truly build good long term links.

A widget is a simple, graphic-oriented, interactive piece of software. These programs are typically presented with aesthetically friendly user interfaces and have basic functions, such as providing data or calculations, based on user input.

Designing your widget

Before thinking in terms of SEO, there are several basic factors to consider when designing your widget. Your widget should be attractive, easy-to-use, and load quickly (be sure to keep front end coding to a minimum).

Once your widget has been designed, you’ll want to maximize its SEO capabilities by making it visible to search engines and clearly linking it to its host page. Build your widget for readability by search engine bots, using HTML divs and Javascript, and hosting it on a fast, reliable server so it will not slow down the target website.

Don’t Overpromote

Make sure to uphold SEO integrity and do not add extra low quality links to your widget. When followed properly the single targeted link will actually increase SEO results the most for your site. As with all of your SEO projects, your widget should maintain quality standards and avoid any spammy self promotion or extra long anchor text link. You will get a huge social boost from this content if it is used by a few influential people.

Clearly presenting your brand’s presence on the widget’s site. By being open about the widget’s marketing purposes, you are allowing users to gain familiarity with the brand and the purpose of the widget, ultimately increasing brand searches.

Establish relevancy

Establishing relevancy is the key to a seo-driving widget. Widgets are designed to allow target customers to gain familiarity with the brand, and if you provide a useful widget for them, they will be directed to your brand’s site, thus increasing traffic.

In order to achieve this, make sure all links associated with the widget direct to relevant sites.

Just like television commercials, widgets should be expected to promote brand awareness. Other elements of on-page SEO should drive conversions.

Promoting your widget

A widget cannot drive traffic unless it gets traffic. In order to increase widget traffic, you will have to build the widget’s page as you would any other SEO-intended site. Promote the page with links on a variety of sites, leverage social media marketing, and promote on guest sites. If you have personal contacts in the online marketing industry it will help you get the widget loaded on other sites.

Track progress

After launching your widget, it is imperative to track how many visits to the widget lead to the site and how much site traffic increases in the coming months. If the widgets are underperforming, you may want to reconsider your design and see what the market really needs.

The widget alone won’t necessarily drive traffic, and it may not lead to a significant amount of direct conversions. However, if you manage to incorporate it into the on-page SEO processes and normal linkbuilding strategies your company is already employing, it could encourage brand trust, brand awareness, and be an immediate traffic boost for your clients’ websites.

A good widget is a permanent asset you can always fall back on when other traffic generation strategies aren’t as successful.

An example of a viral content widget is the Gold Value Calculator widget which can drive traffic to your target site by providing a needed service to your target audience. After creating the widget you just need to get other users to embed it on their blog and websites.


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