Finding Happiness During Difficult Times

As a business owner you are likely working 10 hour days or more and are thinking and dreaming about your business the rest of the time. I would like to demonstrate  positive ways to feel better and reduce your life stress.

Stress from fiscal uncertainty does not need to be debilitating, and one of the best ways to overcome it is by engaging in worthy activities and helping your community.

New Happiness Research from Psychologist Martin Seligman shows us how to remain positive during an economic crash. Dr. Seligman is an expert on happiness and has previously studied depression and learned helplessness.

This research is scientifically verified and published in the Princeton Alumni Weekly

There are three levels to happiness:

  1. Pleasure, the delight you get from chocolate, fast cars, and sex
  2. Engagement, the feeling of “flow” you get when you’re doing something you’re good at
  3. Meaning, the fulfillment you get from being engaged in an effort greater than yourself

Pleasure is ephemeral and contributes very little to real happiness, but meaningful engagement brings lasting contentment.

For classmates who are headed towards retirement, Seligman offers the following tip: “Material objects have almost no role in positive emotion. As you organize your retirement, spend it on meaningful engagement. Don’t squander your savings on boats and houses.”

It’s pretty simple, actually. Figure out what you’re good at. And then apply your strengths to a greater purpose (such as using your search engine optimization skills to help a charity or worthy cause).

And don’t forget to cultivate optimism and spread positivity to people you work with.


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