Free $500 Adwords Coupon Codes for 2022 Google Paid Search Ads

google search marketing ads Brand New 2022 Adwords coupon codes: I have been blessed by the Google Gods with free PPC money, and am sharing it with you. I have Goooe Ads coupon codes that are available for multiple accounts and will give you $500 off all pay per click advertising using the special link below.

This is a deal that may not last long, and is a huge gift that I am giving to you.  Don’t delay in downloading these promo codes so you can implement your campaigns and deploy your ads today.

$200 Brand New Adwords Offer codes:


A new batch of $500 adwords coupons


Click on this link for direct coupons

So use these free vouchers on new Google Ads accounts today:



Here is a special trick to get your ads into your ads into prospects email accounts.

Adwords Free Money

Coupons can only be used on new accounts, one per account, and they do not work with invoicing or manager-defined spend and expire after a single use.

To existing users with adwords accounts, these discount codes need to be used with a new ad account. Google is constantly adding new codes, discounts and sales landing pages. Here is the new URL for the discount offer at

To apply the 2020 voucher, once you’ve created a new account and completed the billing details, click on the ‘Billing Preferences’ tab, and enter the voucher code when prompted.

Don’t delay, activate this $500 promo coupon before it expires.

Share your love in the comments, through tweets and bookmark this site as there will be more promotional code offerings in the future.

Here is a link to activate your Google Adwords Coupon: Get My Adwords Coupon Now

Please tell us how you are using your free Google money in the comments.

bonus tips
Look for domain name registrars and web hosting companies that offer Adwords credits for new accounts.

Google and Chase Bank are offering a free webinar with a $500 adwords coupon to all attendees. Just watch this adwords webinar and get your offer code.

More adwords coupons coming soon, stay tuned for huge special offers.

Mere is another link where you can redeem these discount codes


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  1. Nice information.

    Want to learn how to create google ads threshold accounts?

    Search the phrase “Unlimited $500 Google Ads & VCC Accounts +$1K Ad Coupon” on bitifydotcom.

  2. Google Ad gives credit on the every new account according to the country you are in. Like for US its giving up to $150, but its Different for each country. why do you need the codes here ? when it provides you ? Did anyone Try using these Code ? did any work for any of you guys ?

  3. I have a lot of 100 USD, 100 CHF instant gmail code or loose code
    kindly contact me so I can provide you coupons at a price 5$. That’s my email if you really need it than mail me.

  4. I would greatly appreciate it if I could get one of your promo codes from you. All I’ve tried are not valid for Serbian users.
    Thank you in advance
    Miroslav From Belgrade, Serbia

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    [I Really Geratfull Thank Your Wonder Full Post I am Enjoying Your Blog amazing post,and sen me u google existing accounts promo code google adward i will pay ok send me google code for india

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    I am Sumit Jaitely from India. I try these coupons code but they don’t work for me. My account is new. Please send me a code which also works for me. Currently i am using my 1st code which i received from google. Please email me soon.

      1. this link in not availble my country India where is code of existing accounts google promo code please send me bro

  7. I want to promote my youtube video via google adwords if you provide this type services tell me I am interested. I hope to replay soon.

  8. We are providing full services for Car Repairing, and maintenance in United Arab Emirates. We need help with a full marketing plan for our site to get more search engine traffic.

  9. Please Sir Send Me 50$ Google Gift Card Of Ads Or Other Countries With Name Of the country. It Is my Dream to Get A free Google Gift Card Please 😟🙏🙏

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