Automated Free Ebay Sniping Program

Are you addicted to E-bay and love getting great deals on the largest online auction site? Well a service from lets you automatically bid on ending auctions to give you the best deal.

Most Ebay power users have multiple auctions running at the same time, and this allows these users to relax and take care of business besides watching auctions that are about to close.

From Cniper:

Cniper bids on an eBay auction in the last few seconds for you, so you don’t have to keep track of exactly when the auction is ending. If you’re new to eBay, you might think you should bid early on auctions. But there are a lot of reasons to wait until the last second to place your bid (the main reason being that the later you bid, the less time you give others to bid the auction up).

Just pre-load your eBay bid into Cniper and let it fire the bid off in the last few seconds of the auction. That way, you don’t have to wait around for the eBay auction to end so you can bid at the last second. We’ll do it for you, for free!

Checkout and their free ebay sniping service. Bidding on multiple live auctions has never been so easy.


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