$150 Google Ads Promotional Codes with 2021 Free Adwords Coupons

I received an email with 2021 Google Ads coupons and have 30 promotional $150 adwords coupons available to copy.

If you know Google adwords, they are tighter with their money than a Beverly Hills housewife.

Getting a promo code for Google Ads is harder than being accepted to Harvard University.

And I recently received a new batch of codes that I will now share with you.

Why would I share this precious item, the gold mined from the barren mountains of Alaska?

Because I believe in the law of attraction, and the more I spread the wealth the more benefit it gives everyone.

But that’s not the entire story.

Google has become an omnipresent and omnipotent force that concentrates attention online.

And Adwords is the financial engine that makes this possible.

I will give you the key to this search engine so you can direct the precious business saving traffic to your website so you can be successful online.

The best part? It is completed free. This is like you having your own cash machine where you can make money at will.

Google ads are like a blanket laying over the internet, providing a bit of warmth to business owners but stifling the air out of business owners.

Simply put – if you don’t pay the google ad tax your website won’t be seen.

And I won’t have that.

Now I am offering you the chance to get free codes to play in the live Google adwords system with your real websites.

You can simply create an ad account, enter the promo code, choose your keywords, create an ad and drive targeted traffic to your website.

This alone is so powerful, it has the ability to make any website successful.

And this is a fact Google is well aware of. They know the value of targeted traffic and they want to charge a premium for it.

Google wants to charge you for something they get for free, they want to act as a “tax man” for clicks.

But not if I can do something about it.

This is why I’m providing these free advertising codes, so that you too can feel the power of receiving traffic and customers.

Each code offers $100 in free clicks and can be used on any account in any country.

These are all valid codes at the time of this posting, and are offered on a first come first served basis.

I have a surplus of 2021 Adwords coupon codes in by professional account and cannot use them all.

I acquired them through my Google Professional certification and now I have more than I need, so you win!

These Adwords promo codes will work on any new account, so it may be worth creating a new account to utilize these free clicks.

These are my gift to you for being such great subscribers.

Adwords coupon codes are below:

Brand new codes, more added daily:


MY HUMBLE REQUEST: Please leave a comment below telling me how these adwords discount codes helped your business and made you money.

I want to hear your stories of online marketing success.


Terms and Conditions apply – see our FAQ for more details, including instructions on how to apply the credits.

Here is a direct link to get $150 Google Adwords coupons. Note that you must use this link to get the credit on your new Adword account.

The most effective way to use ads is to have a landing page that is focused directly on answering your visitors questions.

Send all paid traffic to targeted landing pages that give your new visitors information and answers to help solve their problem.

Then provide a single way for them to get more information, such as an email form, chatbox or phone number.

Keep confusion low by keeping the options on your landing page simple.

When your landing page is written for your exact market and your ads are targeted to the right people then you will have monetary success.

PPC ads on google are a great way to do this, and using well written and clearly designed landing pages will make these ads effective.

We would love to hear how you are using your free Google ad credits in the comments.


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  1. Hello!
    Please can you give me a free promo code. I need to try to sell my services online but i don’t have any money because i’v spend all on website development.. Please help if want and if u can. And thank you in advance!!

  2. Hi there, I am very interested, I am a newbie please, how do I get started?
    Samuel Quansah

  3. Thanks for sharing the information about the Google Adwords Promotional Codes. These codes are very useful for People who are doing very well in Google Adwords.

      1. Can you pls send a couple of $100 Google Play Gift Cards as said in the description! ??Thank you! Have a good day!

  4. Please sir give me $100 google play gift card I am using your website 4,5 weeks please sir give me

  5. hey i’m just starting out a new youtube account and would like $10 to start of please, By the way i’m only 14 so i’m not incoming much money yet.

  6. I know that you all are working very hard to generate codes just for us
    But man wait we all use these codes and I don’t know why are these not working for me
    I am struggler and I am trying to get free codes from last 1 year but no result till now😢😢
    Believe me it is true
    Hi request you to send a redeem code that is working on my email:-aryan799@icloud.com
    It will be the best birthday surprise for me
    Pls pls pls reply
    I beg you

    1. To be honest I need 9.99$ to buy a royal pass in pubg for my cousin on his birthday. All his friends have a pass but he doesn’t have any……I am also short of money so please send me a coupon of 10$ please. shavaizsohail@gmail.com

    1. Thanks for your time in doing this, but I tried all the codes and one of them worked. I’m very dedicated to advertising, I feel like I wasted me time before. 😭

  7. Great blog! I read the blog, the blog is really excellent and useful for beginners who are not aware of PPC credits. Being a startup company I have used Google AdWords free credits. The credits I have got is really helped me for generating the leads to some small business. The blog is simple and Excellent, keep Updating.

    1. Please give me 50$ redeem code I had ever got a redeem code if you will give I will so thank full to you because I had never got a redeem code if you will give me i will send this website to my friends

  8. Hi, sir it’s my pleading message to you please send me an ad redeem code, I need this coupon code please sir 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏, I hope you send me one.

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  9. Hello sir i tried all it took me 25 mins but none of codes works :/
    Can you send me any 10$ doesn’t matter
    Thanks and try again for the good guide my email

    1. Please give me 400 redeem code i am use your website many years ago but I didn’t get anything please sir give me

  10. Please give me 10$ google play redeem code to my gmail:legendarysks111@gmail.com
    I will be very thankful….

  11. Please i have tried thousands of times
    researched every day to get a google ads gift card
    I have found many fake websites and many real
    i tried the real ones but because i was in an Arabian country Lebanon non of the offers worked
    please help or send me one.

  12. Good day,

    I found your website and i would like to know if you had other google adwords coupon/code for existing adwords account? Because all your the coupons you’re proposing on your website have been helpful.
    Thanks in advance for your help !


      1. Sir, can i please get ₹100 redeem code? I really need one for my brother, wish you could help me out. Thank you

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