Google Talent Gone To Startups

google gone It’s amazing the amount of Google executives, engineers and senior staff who have left to join startup internet ventures. Google may be one of the best places in America to work, but it is always more fun to work for yourself or work with no supervision on a project you love.
Computer Scientists Who Left Google

Paul Buchheit – creator and lead developer of Gmail, pioneering Web 2.0, including the idea of Ajax, before the acronym was created. Developed the original prototype of Google AdSense, came up with the company’s unique motto “Don’t be evil” in 2001.
Bret Taylor – Four years at Google, led more than 25 successful product launches, including Google Maps, Google Local, Google Web Toolkit, the Google Maps API, and Google’s Developer product group.

Kevin Fox – user experience designer at Google, designing Gmail, Google Calendar, and the second version of Google Reader.
Sanjeev Singh – Developer of Google Mail and Google Search Appliance. Prior to Google worked at social annotations site Third Voice and a government research lab.

These guys wrote about why Google can’t keep restless computer engineers in the Googly coop.


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