The Complete Guide To Design Elements for Split Testing Ads

This infographic is a cheat sheet to show you what elements of your ad should be split tested.

Using variations of text, images, buttons and links you can find out which ads produce the best conversions.

24 elements you can test on your ads and landing pages

  1. Professional or scripted text
  2. Photos or illustrations
  3. Color variations
  4. Low and high brightness and contrast
  5. Border or no borders
  6. Clear and blurry images
  7. Static vs animated
  8. Plain or sexy
  9. Interactive or ask a question
  10. Professional, stock or amateur photo
  11. Layout style
  12. Different call to action
  13. Image or text only
  14. Button or underlined link
  15. False border and dropshadow
  16. Familiar or unfamiliar UI
  17. Mirror image
  18. Change the font, style or letter case
  19. Different ad shapes such as a circle
  20. Positive or negative message
  21. Use a specific time period or location
  22. Prices or no price listed
  23. Trust logos and 3rd party trusted icons

If you are creating display ads or landing pages you should be trying different variations to find the best design and layout that works for your specific audience.

Guide to creating ads and split testing ad elements to find the best converting advertisement. This is a comprehensive list of items to test while running an ad campaign.


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