How to Make Your Website Totally Irresistible and Addictive

Discovery Is The New Cocaine – Going Beyond Engagement. Learn the science behind creating a sticky website that users won’t be able to leave.

Interaction was the promise of web 2.0 and new services must allow for user feedback if they hope to survive. Let users become the focus of your online activities, talk with your visitors, not at them.

  • We are programmed for scarcity and can’t dial back even when information is abundant.
  • Addictive websites present new information that your user must interpret. Give someone a fun, challenging mental task.
  • Triggers a chemical reaction i that makes us feel good

Humans have a natural tendency to want to be a live node on the network, people want to actively participate. Creating a website that people love to use and want to stay on starts with the copy and ends with solving a problem and fulfilling a need.

There are options with design rush to find options to create websites that are unique and present your services to your ideal client, every time.

  • We are always scanning the peripheral, motivated not to miss opportunities.
  • Intrinsic desire for recognition by others, want to feel important.
  • Winning websites help us protect, filter, create meaningful connections.

SXSW presentation from Ming yeow Ng at Discoverio. “The Science of Designing Interactions”


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