Interview With Legendary SEO Ted Ulle

I was fortunate to track down Ted Ulle at the Pubcon SEO conference and ask him some questions about search engines, website usability and internet architecture.

Ted was gracious enough to answer questions about the future of search engine optimization and best practices for web design and internet architecture.

Tedster stresses best practices that do not change, and is not a fan of chasing the Google algorithm. He also reveals that he would focus resources on IA before SEO.

He also emphatically states that the 3 click rule does not exist. If you give users a strong information scent with valuable content, they will stay with you for 10 or 15 clicks from the homepage.

One strategy for creating a solid information architecture is to write down major portions of site navigation on 3×5 cards and ask which stack of cards they think a specific piece of content would be found under.

Listen to one of the original founders of Webmaster World forum talk about the state of SEO.

*Sorry about the audio quality and impromptu feel of this video. It was our first try and a learning experience for all.

You can read more about Ted, read his blog, see his company or follow @tedulle


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  1. great interview of this legendary marketer, He has been around helping people for so long I don’t remember an internet without Ted.

  2. Giving a blog talk to beginner bloggers in the not-too-distant future, I’ll be pointing people in the direction of your efforts and this SEO interview.

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