Anatomy Of A Landing Page and Infographic Showing Correct Landing Page Optimization

A landing page is any page that users see first on your website, so it must be optimized for their specific browsing experience.

All landing pages need these fundamentals

  1. Fast – Load time must be under 5 seconds
  2. Attention Grabbing Headline – If you spend 3 hours writing copy for your landing page, spend 2.5 hours on the headline
  3. Clear Call To Action – Make it easy for visitors to take the next step
  4. Focus On Them – Clearly state benefits and use testimonials, logos and third party verification sources to substantiate your claims

anatomy of a landing page
This infographic defines all the features a landing page could have, but you will want to scale it down and only apply information directly relevant to your business. Create your custom landing pages using this template as a guide to landing page optimization best practices; pick and choose your content, don’t make a landing page with 10,000 words with a 750k page size.



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  1. This is the accurate Anatomy Of A Landing Page and Infographic Showing Correct Landing Page Optimization blog for anyone who wants to improve visitor conversions and lower bounce rate.

  2. I think this idea of using targeted landing pages is the future of the web – this idea holds some really wonderful information for everyone doing PPC :D.

  3. Youve got really useful details of how to optimize a homepage and make it a high performing landing page. I’m a new and ur wisdom is very useful to my sites.

  4. Bold Headling…Call To Action…And, most importantly, Use Video! That’s the best tip we have.

    We have a lot of people using our online landing page software. Feedback from our customers confirms what we already knew: Video works.

  5. Well I truly liked studying landing pages. This tip procured by you is very constructive to increase my quality score in adwords.

  6. My first landing page I ever made said..Click wasn’t good at all but I did get people to enter a name and email things is just to keep your page simple and to the point.

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

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