Landing Page Optimization Test: Short Form Copy vs. Top 5 List

A large business management software company tested short, actionable call-to-action copy versus a top 5 list on a landing page for business intelligence solutions. The goal of the squeezepage was to get visitors to register for free access content, briefs, white papers, and product demos.

This is a features versus benefits test: should you always list customer benefits and promote your service offering from their perspective?

sap top 5 list sap actionable tips

The page on the left, with a list of “Top 5 Briefs” in the right sidebar, got a 24% boost in lead generation form submissions. The list of popular items helped the offer connect to prospects’ specific pain-points and drove higher conversions.

In the contest between listing benefits or features on your landing page, benefits wins again.

This and many more tests can be found in


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