Link Tools To Help Build Authority Backlinks

Building backlinks is not fun, but good link building tools change that.  I have scoured the web, searched the dark corners of hidden sites, talked with SEO experts  and run hundreds of tests.

The result is the list of link building tools you see below:

  • OpenSiteExplorer from SEOmoz – SEOmoz ofers a fantastic backlink checking tool that scrapes the web to find links. Currently they have billions of links in their indes
  • Uber Suggest – This is a surprisingly helpful tool that spiders google to find your top 10 competitors and who their main links are from. It also allows you to print out a user friendly report to send to clients.
  • – Analyzes the deep link ratio for the top 10 search engine results for a search phrase. DLR is the proportion of inbound links into all pages of your site, not only inbound links pointed at your homepage.
  • – Performs deep crawl analysis of links for any site by crawling all linking sites and providing analysis of links by domain and gains/losses over time as well as PageRank. Also, fully manages extensive reciprocal linking through one tool.
  • Elixir – Link Popularity Checker and Link quality assessment tool provides a basic overview of backlinks and major directory inclusion for a domain.

Note to site owners who wish to be listed above: Creating a free tool, writing a blog with lots of useful real world tips, creating a funny or informative image or SEO cartoon will help to get you noticed and linked.


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12 Responses

  1. after reading a few of the comments on Valuable Link Building Tools Help Find New Backlinks and Analyze Competitor Links I actually find we do not have any natural links to our site, all we have are automated forum posts. Is this going to hurt our site?

  2. go to my website and check out the free edu backlinks that i have. its a few hundred and they really give your SEO some juice to build up your rank faster than regular TLD’s.

  3. This is a great start to link building, but it is currently hampered by the inability to store link data locally on your computer.

  4. I haven’t tried some of these link building tools. They seem helpful so I’ll check them out. One link building tool I have been using is wordloo. I find it saves me lots of time when searching for places to build backlinks. It pulls in real time results from multiple sources on one page.

  5. The yahoo backlinks source appears to be down, does anyone have a backup or mirror website with link data I can use?

  6. Is it OK if we build links that are a bit off topic? I’m trying to optimize a new site and need to get more links quickly

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