Mad Libs Form Style Increases Conversions Up To 40%

How to you encourage more people to fill out your landing page forms? tested a form using a narrative format and presented input fields to people as blanks within sentences, Mad Libs style.

I haven’t done MadLibs since elementary school, but it worked: they realized an increase in conversions of 25% to 40%.


This is the most innovate conversion rate optimization I have seen in a long time, and you should use it before it becomes widespread, commonplace and ignored. Back in the 1990’s banner click rates were high before the novelty of flashing graphics on a webpage wore off.

Squeeze page image via Luke Wroblewski and QuadsZilla.


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  1. Real web entrepreneurship requires taking risks, and using Mad Libs is definitely a risk. If you can find innovative coders your startup will have a great chance at success.

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