Maximizing the Ebay Affiliate Program

Ebay recently moved their affiliate program from Commission Junction to their in house Ebay Partner network.

This is some code that will help you quickly build ebay affiliate links without logging in to their website and using the auction link building tool

PHP functions for originally from Tamebay:

function get_country($country_code) {
$US = "711-53200-19255-0";
$IE = "5282-53468-19255-0";
$AT = "5221-53469-19255-0";
$AU = "705-53470-19255-0";
$BE = "1553-53471-19255-0";
$IN = "4686-53472-19255-0";
$CA = "706-53473-19255-0";
$SG = "3423-53474-19255-0";
$HK = "3422-53475-19255-0";
$FR = "709-53476-19255-0";
$DE = "707-53477-19255-0";
$IT = "724-53478-19255-0";
$ES = "1185-53479-19255-0";
$CH = "5222-53480-19255-0";
$UK = "710-53481-19255-0";
$CN = "4080-53484-19255-0";
$NL = "1346-53482-19255-0";

return $$country_code;

function aff_link($url,$text,$customid,$country){
$target = get_country($country);
$prefix = "";

echo "”.stripslashes($text).””;

place this PHP code in your website to generate the ebay affiliate link

aff_link("URL","link text","custom ID","country");


* URL is the eBay URL to link to
* link text is the anchor text you will use – will also appear as the link title attribute)
* custom ID is like the CJ SID, append a specific ID to any link, for granular affiliate link tracking
* country is the two letter country code relating to the auction program being promoted (US, UK, FR, DE, AU etc.)

You can see more php code to create custom ebay affiliate links at Tamebay.


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  1. Oh, a wonderful piece of text! No idea how you were able to say this’d take me long hours. Well worth it though, I’d suspect. Have you considered selling ads on your blog?

  2. Sue you have a link with full credit. If you do not wish to have a link from this blog please let me know and i’ll remove it.

  3. “You can see more php code to create custom ebay affiliate links at Tamebay.”

    my post has also changed the code that I wrote. Pretty ironic really, :^O

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